Virtual BBC Stories 2020-

Business Stories – Plague Year 2020 and beyond. Kevin Dwyer collected many stories exploring innovative approaches local business folks used to cope with COVID-19 … and its aftermath. If you have or know of an inspiring creative business story that should be told, contact Kevin at [email protected](Visit Kevin Dwyer & Margaret Millmore at The Island Wanderer,

How OfficeXpats opened its doors to members and new customers      By Kevin Dwyer, 2 Sept. 2020

OfficeXpats is not a traditional retail business or restaurant. Located on the second floor of The Pavilion building on Madison Avenue (where the movie theaters are located), the coworking and conference facility reopened its doors in early June, and since then it has seen existing members reappear and new ones sign up.                                                                                               READ ON =>

Covid-19 can’t keep Chamber DOL from functioning;          Dwyer hired                                 By Kevin Dwyer,16 June 2020

The Bainbridge Island Chamber of Commerce has kept it’s Department of Licensing Sub agency opened throughout most of the Coronavirus Pandemic by staunchly adhering to social distancing and disinfecting its Winslow Way office.  READ ON =>

Bainbridge Bucks, Zimple Money, new solutions for uncertain times                             By Kevin Dwyer,21 May 2020

Entrepreneur Steve Rabago thinks outside the box. He owns a company, Zimple Money, that essentially is a better financial mousetrap for individuals, families, and businesses trying to keep track of loans, billings, payments, and collections.   READ ON =>

Rachelle Thornburgh finds ways to survive and serve during crisis                                               By Kevin Dwyer,13 May 2020

When the state’s shelter-in-place order went into effect nearly two months ago, the Thornburgh Insurance Agency – one of the island’s oldest – had to make some quick adjustments.          READ ON =>

Technology is helping Realtors like Chris Miller survive Covid-19                                         By Kevin Dwyer, 5 May 2020

Long-time island real estate agent Chris Miller – as with perhaps many others in his field – is relying more heavily on technology these days to interact with clients and potentially seal deals.   READ ON =>

Cilla Utne is pausing to rethink biz under Covid-19
                                                       By Kevin Dwyer, 30 April 2020

Like a lot of island entrepreneurs, Cilla Utne lost customers and potential income as the impacts of the coronavirus settled in. But unlike many other business owners, she’s taking a positive approach to the Covid-19 crisis.                                READ ON =>