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Chamber Of Commerce
Visit Bainbridge
Accelerate Kitsap, Business Networking
Bainbridge Artisan Resource Network (BARN)
Bainbridge Island Library (KRL)
Bainbridge Island Museum Of Art
Bainbridge Island Senior Center
Bainbridge Island Downtown Association
Bainbridge Island Lodging Association
Cook Family Funeral Home
Farmers & Gardeners Guild
Helpline House
Olympic College Foundation
Rolling Bay Hall – Performance Art Venue
SCORE Kitsap, Business Mentoring
SpaceCraft Performance Arts Space Station
The Marshall Suites Concierge Service
Toastmasters Noon Edition
Toastmasters Evening Edition
Tour Bainbridge
Tulaa Cafe At Dayaalu Center

The Marshall Suites Concierge Service
Island Emergency Preparedness & First Responder Links:
Bainbridge Prepares Emergency Management
Kitsap County Emergency Management
City of Bainbridge Island (COBI)
Bainbridge Island Fire Department
Bainbridge Island Police Department


BBC 10 August 2018 – Classic BBC Elevator Speech Workshop
BBC "Elevator Speech Workshop" Notes - Elevator Speech Notes
BBC 1 December 2017Creating Community Resilience. “Map Your Neighborhood”: Bainbridge Prepares: Scott James guidebook, “Prepared Neighborhoods”


BBC 20 May 2016 – Beth Knost Handout of last Friday’s brilliant presentation “Using Facebook Without Letting Facebook Use You” RealCirclesFacebookTips (pdf doc). Thank you, Beth, for a great presentation and for sharing both your business social networking wisdom and these great “Facebook Tips”! (


BBC 6 May 2016 – Think Club thinkologist Bill Ruddick’s THE 5 FACES OF CREATIVITY (google pdf doc) which we can use for our strategy roundtable.


BBC Report – 2012 – “Small Business Development Centers” Presented by Elaine Jones, Certified Business Advisor, Washington State University Small Business Development Center, 345 Sixth Street, Suite 550, Norm dicks Govt. Building, Bremerton, WA 98337, 360.307.4220 – [email protected] Washington State Network Small Business Development Centers (PDF document)


BBC Report – 2011 – “Independent Contractors vs. Employees” Presented by Paula Willems, WorkSpan Resourcees, LLC, Human Resources Consulting, 206-588-9502, [email protected]. When is one Classified by State or Federal entities as an “Employee” or an “Independent Contractor” — what are the criteria used by the State and Fed? Presentation includes handout “Summary of the IRS’s 20 Common Law Factors.” Presentation: BBC_29July2011_Presentation (PDF document)
Handout: Independent_Contractors_Summary Of  IRS’s_Common_Law_Factors (PDF)


BBC Report – 2010 – “Internet Social Networking” by K. D. Kragen, KaveDragen Ink LLC Internet Social Networking (PDF document): The do’s and don’t’s of online social networking. One page PDF document reporting on Bainbridge Chamber Luncheon of 16 September 2009: “How To Make Social Networking Work for Your Business.” Panel discussion featuring marketing and Internet consultants, Shannon Evans, Jenn Putman, and Elizabeth Scott.


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