BBC taking a Labor Day weekend break – Bob Linz Sept. 10th!

First of all, the Bainbridge Business Connection will be taking a Labor Day weekend break this Friday, September 3rd, 2010. So enjoy your three-day weekend!

Bob LinzI do want to give you advanced notice of our upcoming speaker, Bob Linz on September 10, 2010.  He will speak on: “Setting Professional Rates For Consultants And Entrepreneurs.” Learn how to keep your business both marketable as well as profitable!  Bob may well change your prospective on how you offer your services and set your business rates.

I first met Bob Linz about four years ago at the Bainbridge Island Toast Masters noon meeting group. I was yet to discover my own voice — and place — in the Bainbridge business community.  Connecting with Bob was one of those “chance” meetings that would guide me down a whole new road of my entrepreneurial development.

Bob sat quietly in the small meeting room of the Winslow Arms dissecting some notes — from the look on his face — that he had in front of him.  I believed this to be the first time he was to speak on his chosen topic.  However, it was evident by the demeanor of the room that Bob was definitely one of the more experienced speakers.

Club president, Jim Sutton, gave a brief but spirited review of Bob’s accomplishments then welcomed him to the podium, which he quickly whisked away to one side.  What?  No podium to hide behind?  I had never heard of such a thing!

Bob stood motionless, looking into to each of our eyes as if to make some spiritual connection, then quickly engaged us with a tasteful bit of humor.  His 10 minute speech, to which I felt strangely compelled to listen, elicited none of my normally critical review.  What confidence he had!  Not a tremble or “um” or “tsk.”  I knew in that moment that I wanted to be able to speak like this guy.  I needed to hear and learn more, so I kept going back week after week to this room full of interesting people.

After a few weeks, Bob gave our group the first rendering of what was to become his charter speech, Setting Professional Rates For Consultants And Entrepreneurs.”  Even in its 10 minute formative beginnings, this talk was a huge step in my development as an entrepreneur.

I had previously struggled over what to charge for my services and, of course, arrived at something less then barely breaking even.  I was not taking into consideration:  one, I provided a valuable service; two, I had expenses to maintain that expertise; and three, I needed to be profitable to grow my business.  Imagine that. Bob put this all into prospective in the first 2 minutes of his energetic presentation!

So, mark your calendars for Friday, September 10, 2010, 7:30 to 9:00 AM, to meet Bob Linz — if you haven’t already — and get a good seat for his half hour presentation “Setting Professional Rates For Consultants And Entrepreneurs.” You will take away powerful tips on how to set marketable yet profitable hourly rates for your valuable services.

One Call for All LogoNote: Some of Bob’s accomplishments include president of Investment Assets Management LLC, where he works as a real estate broker with family investment groups in long term investment planning and implementation.  Bob is also executive director for “a unique Bainbridge Island tradition,One Call for All, which was started almost 50 years ago when a few forward-thinking islanders decided to combine the individual fund appeals of multiple organizations into one annual fund drive.

Don’t miss out on your morning cup of BBC!  See you at the Pavilion!

Tim Longley
BBC Chair

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