BBC Friday 19 July 2013 – “Cloud Security, Part 2”

Join us this BBC Friday for part two of Cloud Security – Wa’s’up Wi’that? 

What’s safe to upload to Microsoft SkyDrive, or Google Drive, or Dropbox? Is one service provider more secure than another? How safe are your or your clients’ files in The Cloud? The cloud is not only great for off-site backup — as a supplement to all your other backup routines! it conveniently syncs across platforms, computers, and other devices such as tablets, smart phones, and “non-invasive” brain implants (see for more details about how you too can get a brain implant).

This Friday, under the microcosmic guidance of our own tech-sensei BBC Regular Jason Omens, we’ll get at the fine print of Cloud Security, terms of service and privacy policies. For example, Google notes: “Some of you don’t like to read legal documents, but this stuff matters. Our Terms of Service cut through the jargon and provide you with clear details about our policies. Our Privacy Policy lays out our policies regarding your information in a simple and straightforward way” (

One unofficial response on forum to SkyDrive cloud security: “Using Groove or Dropbox or Live Mesh can work, but it’s not a great solution because it will create multiple copies of your host notebooks (in OneNote). That doesn’t guarantee problems, but it significantly increases the likelihood of problems. Using a single-source solution (like SkyDrive or SharePoint or Windows File Shares) is more reliable and elegant. SkyDrive SSL encrypts files in transit but does not impose any additional encryption on the files at rest.  …to encrypt a OneNote file at rest you have to password protect that section….  Microsoft encourages business users to use SharePoint.  SkyDrive is a consumer-grade solution. SkyDrive is not, and has never claimed to be, HIPAA-compliant….  [Instead  use] SharePoint or a secured Windows File Share over an encrypted VPN” (post d3ed5c9d-ea48-e011-8dfc-68b599b31bf5). Check out MS’s terms of service information page ( and you’ll get a feel for the potential complexity of the subject.

A useful place to get oriented is hongkiat’s “Gloud Storage Face-off: Dropbox Vs Google Drive Vs SkyDrive” ( Still confused? Let’s see if we can de-encrypt the jargon a little this BBC Friday.

Be there, be free, be businesswise. For, in a sense, as serial entrepreneurs, we’re all businesswise!

So, invite your friends and associates to join us for this exciting event … and another delicious cup of BBC!

BBC @ OfficeXpats – 403 Madison Avenue N, Bainbridge Island, Upstairs At the Pavilion

7:30-8:00 coffee/tea, visiting, informal networking
8:00-8:45 “Cloud Security, Part 2”
8:30-9:00 more networking, sharing, visiting

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