BBC Friday 1 November 2019 – Business Problem-solving Roundtable

This BBC Friday we will hold a business roundtable on the topic of “What’s a business problem you have struggled with or that you know other business friends may have struggled with?” First we’ll begin by opening up the table for sharing business issues or problems. 

Then, from this discussion we’ll consider the following:
1) share/brainstorm various problem-solving strategies;
2) network with others who may share similar business problems;
3) make a list of key business issues and problems from which we can develop specific future BBC business presentations.
Be here, be free, be businesswise. For, in a sense, me hearties, as serial entrepreneurials, we all be business wise! …Arr.

So Invite your friends and associates to come join us for this exciting non-virtual non-cloud event in real time and real space…and another delicious cup of BBC!

BBC@OfficeXpats – 403 Madison Ave N, Bainbridge Is, Upstairs at the Pavilion 7:30-8:00 – coffee/tea, visiting, informal networking  
8:00-8:55 – Business Problem-solving Roundtable
8:55-9:00 – announcements, visiting

Sincerely, BBC Management, KaveDragen Ink, & other entrepreneurial sentients from planet BBC _______________________________________________

 Both-Sides-Of-The-Bridge BBC News, Notices, Events

4 November, Monday 7:00-9:00 PM, “Personalized Detox Program Workshop.” Jessica Green, autoimmune health coach & detox educator ( At Wonder Craft Workshop, 227-327 Madison Ave. S. “Feeling fatigued? Suffering from brain fog? Have a chronic illness? Such symptoms may be caused by high toxic loads.” Email [email protected] to register. $40 per person. Space limited. Facebook event page.
12 November, 7:30-9:30 AM – Kitsap Business Forum “Curious About Innovation: The Vital Connection Between Curiosity and Problem Solving.” Kristann Orton (, presenter. At Clearwater Casino Resort. Takeaway: greater understanding of how allowing our curious nature can guide exploration of ideas for innovation; how to cultivate curiosity in your work and your employees; growing a culture of innovation; how to use curiosity to overcome challenges and guide development of your great ideas for innovation. Register at:
14 November, 5:30-7:00, Chamber After Hours @ Bainbridge Island Senior Center (370 Brien Ave SE). Two-time winner of the Most Humorous Entry in the Grand Old 4th Parade, BISC offers a full calendar of events & activities, and resources for islanders. Networking, beverages and food. No charge. Public welcome. Info at:
Our own BBC Regular, Donna Dowdney, has 3 fabric / mixed-media art pieces at the Natural Geometries Exhibit, Washington State Convention Center, Seattle. The Contemporary Quilt Art Association Exhibition is October 10 through January 5th 2020, Convention Center 2nd floor. Donna also has a featured spotlight in Create Whimsy: “Bringing as much meticulous attention to her work as an artist as she brought to her technical career, Donna Lee Dowdney creates nature-inspired visual art with fabric and mixed media.”
Latest edition Compass & Clock is available at: “Navigating Life Today To Remain Independent Tomorrow.” (Thank you to BBC Regular Mary Coupland for this community service.)
Creating Community Resilience. “Map Your Neighborhood”: Bainbridge Prepares: Scott James’ guidebook, “Prepared Neighborhoods”
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