BBC Friday – 11 July 2014 – Accelerate Kitsap Org. Re-Imagined – “Business Mentoring & More”

BBC Friday 11 July 2014 – Accelerate Kitsap (XLR8) has word from the … IRS … that its 501(c)(3) status is … close. 

OfficeXpats has always been home not only of the BBC and a whole bunch of us BBCites, but also of Accelerate Kitsap Business Mentoring Program ( since its inception. XLR8 has helped, counseled, and mentored a number of successful start-ups and re-startups and businesses going to the “next level.”

Rethinking, redefining, and re-purposing XLR8 is the next order of business. Now that the IRS seems to be back on track, so is XLR8!  

Ken Sethney and a number of OXp and BBC members started XLR8 in 2011. Now our own founding BBC Regular, Bill Ruddick, Ruddick Consulting, is the new Board President of Accelerate Kitsap. Hurrah and three cheers! 

Therefore, this BBC Friday, we’re going to do a business strategy roundtable to help XLR8 as it seeks to articulate its New Mission Statement, goals, values, and vision for the great Kitsap County and West Sound. One of XLR8’s goals has always been to find ways to contribute the economy of the whole West Sound, to be more interconnected business-wise and culture-wise. 

Tourism has a major role in the life of Kitsap County and surround areas, for Bremerton, Bainbridge Island, Poulsbo, Kingston and Silverdale. This spells revenue, jobs, and growth. The Bremerton Navy shipyard and Underwater Museum at Keyport are not only major tourist attractions, but provide community relations with the public. A good example of the latest innovations in waterfront and tourism development is the Bremerton Historical Vessels Group (, spearheaded by BBC Regular Lee Hoffman.

Be there, be free, be businesswise. For, in a sense, as serial entrepreneurs, we’re all business wise!

 So, invite your friends and associates to come join us for this exciting real-cloud event in real time and real space … and another delicious cup of BBC!

BBC @ OfficeXpats – 403 Madison Avenue N, Bainbridge Island, Upstairs At the Pavilion

7:30-8:00 coffee/tea, visiting, informal networking
8:00-8:45 The New XLR8!
8:30-9:00 more networking, sharing, visiting

The BBC Management, KaveDragen Ink, & Other Entrepreneurial Sentients From Planet BBC



and also to all of you who helped at the OfficeXpats Booth where the BBC and a number of our businesses were wonderfully represented. And a very big thanks to Gordon and Kimberly Hewes for — once again! — the loan of their business events tent, which helped make the OXp-BBC booth a big success (Gordon’s business & Thanks also to BBC Regulars Alice David ( and Bruce Carter ( for so delightfully leading us in the Parade. Many others helped out along the way, making signs, dancing in the OXp Laptop Drill Team, taking pictures, directing traffic, helping the Chamber with myriad details, and just cheering us all on! Thank you!


More BBC Regulars Really Exciting Upcoming Events!

15 JULY – Second Session of OXp July TUESDAY@NOOON Workshops! “From Business Idea To Pitch.” If you missed the first session, don’t worry, Michael is doing a wonderful job of teaching and guiding us all through cutting edge Business-wisdom and growth strategies! Do you have an idea for a must-have product or service, but need help with what comes next? Michael “Luni” Libes, author of The Next Step, provides a simple, understandable path through the stages of business planning. Each stage includes a set of key questions, which when answered, provide you with the materials needed for your formal business plan and pitch. July 8 – Sharing your idea. Problem/Solution/Customer; July 15 – Market research, Opportunity size, and Competitive analysis; July 22 –Financial planning and fundraising; July 29 – How to create and deliver a great pitch. Register while there’s still time at Michael Libes on the web: and

REMINDER for BBC Regulars: Open/Public BBC Regulars Business Info & Contact List ! For Single Page Referral Sheet and BBC Website Regular Members List. As BBC Regular members, you can have your business and contact info available for the BBC Community and on the BBC Website. Follow this link (form courtesy of Annette Walker) and fill out BBC Regulars Member List contact info:  BBC on Facebook: Alice David has kindly set up a BBC Facebook destination. Take a look: – friend, post, share, bake, blog, barbecue.

BBC Regular Lee Hoffman is working with a group to develop the Maritime Heritage Center in Bremerton and restore the classic tub boat “Quail” –visit the website:

Maritine Heritage Center is utilizing “” – Quail photos/video at

And in the hearty seafaring tradition, BBC REGULAR Jack Morgan, Surfin’ Seafood NEW Website! Visit, enjoy, shop,

COMING SOON! August 4th-8th: OfficeXpats International Coworking Week Celebration! Some of the exciting exciting events to watch for: Free coworking ALL WEEK; Monday Morning Check-in (9:30-10:00); FREE business skills workshop (Tuesday Noon-1:00); FREE “Super Happy Hour” (Thursday 4:30 PM) and trends talk TBD, drinks and snacks provided; Coworking Week Cookout on our deck (Thursday 6:00 PM) – burgers and sausages (including non-meat) – bring a side dish or dessert to share, or make a $5 donation; and finally, BBC is doing its now annual FREE Pancake (maybe waffles too) Breakfast!


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