BBC Friday 11 October – Emergency & Business Continuity Planning, w/ Colleen Kragen

This exciting BBC Friday, special guest and sometime BBC Regular Colleen Kragen will update us on the latest Business Continuity Planning (BCP).  Learn the difference between an emergency plan and a business continuity plan, why planning is important, and to whom it applies. We will discuss the origins of BCP and how to develop a plan for your business, including the five stages of every risk plan. It’s another BCP @ the BBC Friday!

A veteran (U.S. Navy) and passionate cat rescuer, Colleen Kragen is Workers’ Compensation Safety & Health Specialist at Olympic Educational Service District 114 in Bremerton. Contact: 360.515.8225 / [email protected].

Be here, be free, be businesswise. For, in a sense, me hearties, as serial entrepreneurials, we all be business wise! …Arr!

So Invite your friends and associates to come join us for this exciting non-virtual non-cloud event in real time and real space…and another delicious cup of BBC!

BBC@OfficeXpats – 403 Madison Ave N, Bainbridge Is, Upstairs at the Pavilion 7:30-8:00 – coffee/tea, visiting, informal networking  
8:00-8:50 – BCP @ the BBC, & Emergency Planning, w/ Colleen Kragen
8:50-9:00 – announcements, visiting

Sincerely, BBC Management, KaveDragen Ink, & other entrepreneurial sentients from planet BBC _______________________________________________

 Both-Sides-Of-The-Bridge BBC News, Notices, Events

8 October, 12:00-1:30, Tuesday@Noon Workshop: Workplace Security, w/ York Barrett, Safe Room Security, LLC. “York Barrett, Lieutenant Colonel retired U.S. Army, will be presenting a Workplace Security course covering: Warning Signs, Preventative Measures, and a Threat Matrix. Good info for Business Owners, Supervisors and Managers.” Free, open to the public. Hosted by OfficeXpats.

9 October, 7:00 PM, at UW Turner Auditorium (HSB D209), and also 10 October, 7:00 PM at Eagle Harbor Books, Award-winning journalist and author  Lawrence Weschler (BBC Regular Robert Weschler’s brother), And How Are You, Dr. Sacks?: a biographical memoir of Lawrence Weschler’s friendship with Oliver Sacks (who was the real-life character portrayed by Robin Williams in the movie Awakenings). Lawrence will also be at Elliott Bay Bookstore on Friday 11th, 7:00.
14 October, Monday – 24th Annual Olympic College Community Luncheon. At the Bremer Student Center, Building 10. 11:00 Networking, 11:45 Luncheon Program. More info:
Creating Community Resilience. “Map Your Neighborhood”: Bainbridge Prepares: Scott James’ guidebook, “Prepared Neighborhoods”

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