BBC Friday 13 March 2015 – Matt Brigham, Business Account Executive at Comcast Business

This BBC Friday, Matt Brigham, Comcast Business Executive, OfficeXpats friend, and sometime BBC Regular, will talk about what Comcast is doing in 2015 for small businesses on Bainbridge. 

Matt will also discuss the increase in bandwidth that is now available on the island, as well as going over new Comcast hosted VOIP services. 

Come and pick Matt’s interesting business brain and bring your questions (don’t mention the competition by name), bandwidth ideas – and dreams – to share. Matt’s contact info:  [email protected], 360.624.1358,

Be there, be free, be businesswise. For, in a sense, as serial entrepreneurs, we’re all business wise.

 So, invite your friends and associates to come join us for this exciting non-virtual non-cloud event in real time and real space … and another delicious cup of BBC!

BBC @ OfficeXpats – 403 Madison Avenue N, Bainbridge Island, Upstairs At the Pavilion

7:30-8:00 coffee/tea, visiting, informal networking
8:00-8:45 Comcast Business Services, w/ Matt Brigham
8:30-9:00 more networking, sharing, visiting

The BBC Management, KaveDragen Ink, & Other Entrepreneurial Sentients From Planet BBC


REMINDER – For BBC Regular Members: We’re building our Open/Public BBC Regulars Business Info & Contact List for a single page referral sheet and BBC website Members List. As BBC Regular Members, make your business/contact info available for the BBC community and website. Follow link (form courtesy of Annette Walker) and fill out BBC Regulars Member List contact info:



12 March, Thursday, starting at 5:30, Special OfficeXpats Happy Hour in honor of Alice David. Wake, Sharing, Celebration. Artist, friend, joy, Alice was a BBC regular and then some, helping to open and set up every Friday until too sick to work. She energized our roundtable discussions, encouraged everyone, cheered us all. We miss you, Alice! Leslie Schneider: “This last week brought some very sad news. Alice David, one of our members, and one of the most positive, creative, energetic people I’ve ever met, died on Tuesday, March 4, 2015. She was our early morning ambassador for about 10 months, and she quit last June to take the summer off only to discover that she had cancer…. Last fall she slid quickly into the reality that this might be terminal. Then there was some hope. And now she’s gone.” Full post by Leslie:

17 March, OXp Tuesday@Noon Workshop (Business Software), “Word Tips & Tricks”: learn to use graphics and tables to create marketing basics such as posters, post cards, business cards, and more. Taught by Leslie Schneider. Info & registration:

OXp WON!  OfficeXpats is the 2014 Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year! “It was an honor just to be nominated, and it is kinda crazy that we actually won. We are very excited. This award is based on contribution to the Chamber’s mission, and to the Bainbridge community at large. In our case, it is therefore connected in so many ways to the efforts of our devoted team of ambassadors, and to an informal offshoot of the Chamber, the Bainbridge Business Connection, which meets every Friday morning at OfficeXpats. I’m sure we got a lot of credit for hosting BBC, but the reverse is also true: BBC is a huge supporter of OfficeXpats. I’m very proud of the ongoing partnership.”

Check out visitbainbridge.comThe new Bainbridge Chamber Visitor Information website is up and running, developed by Spiderlilly Web Design. Feedback welcome, so send your ideas and input  to BBC Regular and webmaster Brian Creamer at

NEW – FREE WI-FI IN WINSLOW DOWNTOWN CORE!  Thanks to a collaboration between the Bainbridge Chamber of Commerce and Kitsap Public Utility District, businesses, residents and visitors can take advantage of the new Wi-Fi network along parts of Winslow Way and Madison. Warning – this is not a secure network, so take the same precautions you would in a coffee shop or airport – no private information or financial transactions. Look for a network called “community-wifi” to access the signal on your computer or mobile device. See our coverage map for more info.

BBC on Facebook: Alice David kindly set up a BBC Facebook destination: – friend, post, share, bake, blog, barbecue.  We remember you Alice!


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