BBC Friday – 24 February – “Referring Business Friends or Associates”

Part of the original idea of the BBC was to encourage us local small business owners and entrepreneurs to not just learn about each others businesses but to get to know one another — to not only learn about what each of us does, but to get to know who each of us is.

To this end, we developed a variation on the exercise called the “elevator speech” — where each person gives a 30 second introduction to their business (because that’s often all the time one has when introduced to a person…you know…like, in an elevator…unless there’s a power-out, and they you really get to know each other).

So, the way we do it at BBC: for anyone who wants to give it a shot, they give a brief (30 seconds to 1 minute) introduction to the business of a fellow BBC member, which also includes a word or two about  who that person is — “between the ears,” as our fearless leader emeritus Tim Longley used to put it.

That’s it. Learning how to introduce another person and their business in less than a minute can make it all that much easier to do it for one’s own business.

So, invite a friend or associate to join us for another fascinating discussion — and another delicious cup of BBC!

BBC @ Flowering Around, 200 Winslow Way West

7:30-8:00 coffee, visiting, informal networking
8:00-8:30 discussion: referrals for business friends or associates
8:30-9:00 more networking, sharing, visiting

The BBC Management


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