BBC Friday 24 November 2017 – OFF For Thanksgiving Holiday!

No BBC This Friday 24 November 2017

1963 Nov. – “J. F. K. Spares Turkey.” The practice of “pardoning” turkeys became a permanent tradition in 1989.

ABermann HomepageRecall what we learned a few years ago at this time from OfficeXpats ambassador emeritus & food specialist Anita Bermann (Ideal Feast Nutrition): Mindful-eating means food without fear, dining without guilt, eating without remorse. Mindful eating is a learned skill that can help you create a better relationship to your food. (Don’t you want to relate well to your food?)

The art of mindful eating is the opposite of the multi-tasking meal, where like a post-modern digital teen one eats talks texts watches youtube and gives the amazing impression of being fully aware of a wonderful shared meal together with family friends and whoever else you invite in off the street, that homeless vet, that lonely senior citizen or grad student, that dog or cat that needs a good home.

Happy Thanksgiving To All! Thank you to BBC Regulars everywhere for your support, sharing your business wisdom, and having fun. To all you BBC Bikers, ride safe – and to everyone be safe this holiday of friendship, family, and thankfulness. Love your neighbor as your dog loves you. Shop local. MeowPS. Email for Laurance Price (Priceless Productions) You.Need.Video.: [email protected].

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