BBC Off Midsummer 23July-20August

BBC Taking Off July 23+30, August 6-20. BBC will resume regular programing on Friday, 27 August 2021.

Optional Assignment For Over The Next Month: Consider the following question for our mid-summer break. “Given BBC’s Vision Statement (cf. About page), how can the BBC best serve our delightful business community? How can the BBC best carry on post-COVID?” (See the notes from previous week’s discussion on the life of the BBC post-Covid: BBC_9July2021.

Thanks to all you BBC regulars out there in e-space, 3D-space, and outer-space for your continued community support and business creativity.

Continued Covid Caution: COVID-19 pandemic status report, Worldwide & US (source – Encourage vaccinations!
9 July 2021 – Deaths Worldwide: 4,035,019 / Deaths United States: 622,708
23 July 2021 – Deaths Worldwide: 4,155,075 / Deaths United States: 626,187
19 August 2021 – Deaths Worldwide: 4,411,606 / Deaths United States: 641,444

Sincerely, the BBC management, KaveDragen Ink, and other entrepreneurial sentients from planet BBC.

Exciting BBC Notices, News, Events

Donna Lee Dowdney, three fabric pictures on display at the Pacific Northwest Museum of Quilts & Textiles ( in La Conner, as part of the new show “Rhythm of Light” (Surface Design Association: North Peninsula Chapter). The show runs until October 10, 2021.

Latest Chamber Newsletter (13 July): includes BAINBRIDGE ISLAND 2020 ECONOMIC SNAPSHOT. Note, the Chamber is also looking for a full time marketing assistant — link to apply online included.

“Peace Peloton” (w/ Doc Wilson). Peaceful demonstration on bicycles ( The National Museum of African American History & Culture at the Smithsonian.

Bainbridge Island General Store ( Visit the store, tell your friends. If you know of someone interested in joining the store, contact Natalie Rodriguez ([email protected]). To join,

Washington Tourism Alliance ShowWaLove campaign: if your business serves visitors and offers an ecommerce gift card, you can sign up to have your business represented. Visit the WTA program at See the campaign promotional video Washington State businesses can sign up to participate in the program at. Thank you, Chris Mueller,

Kitsap Economic Development Alliance: New upcoming KEDA events! Kitsap Digital Hour, 1st Thursday every month, 11:00 AM. More info at

Compass And Clock Spring/Summer 2021 issue is out – – Senior Info & Support Newsletter.

Honoring George Floyd & other victims of American systemic racism & police violence – the work for lasting change must continue:

Bainbridge Recovers:  New COVID-19 community updates. Facilitating community preparedness and recovery. Residents: request help, donate, or volunteer. Organizations: click “I Represent a Local Organization.”

Creating Community Resilience. “Map Your Neighborhood”: Bainbridge Prepares: Scott James’ guidebook, “Prepared Neighborhoods”


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Bainbridge Island Senior Center
Bainbridge Youth Services
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Cook Family Funeral Home
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Helpline House
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Olympic College Foundation
Rolling Bay Hall – Performance Art Venue
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Toastmasters – Noon Edition
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The Marshall Suites Concierge Service
    ISLAND Emergency Preparedness & First Responder Links
Bainbridge Prepares Emergency Management
Kitsap County Emergency Management
City of Bainbridge Island (COBI)
Bainbridge Island Fire Department
Bainbridge Island Police Department
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