Benefits of Being a “BBC Regular”


Greetings fellow BBC netizens — here you will find information on “BBC Regulars” member pages.

Today we will discuss the benefits of BBC membership, what we often refer to as being a “BBC Regular” (as opposed to an Irregular). Specifically, we will see what is entailed in submitting a request for having your own specially designed personal “BBC Regulars” member page right here on our Bainbridge Business Connection community website. You can find links to BBC members pages at the top right menu bar where you see the tabs, “Home,” “About,” “BBC Regulars,” “Resources,” etc.:

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Beauty, eh. Therefore, to get your own “BBC Regulars” member page, submit your information to Dave Kragen:

  1. A small picture of yourself.
  2. An image (.jpg) of your business logo.
  3. Include the URL link to your business/home website(s).
  4. Have a paragraph or two of information, i.e., “who you are,” “what you do” — tell a little of your story. Some of you may decide to just cut-and-paste that information from your already established business/homepage websites.

You can see examples and use them as guidelines at the “BBC Regulars” link. A suggestion: keep the length of your submitted material, images and written content, to about one computer screen (i.e., so you don’t have to scroll down the screen of your laptop or desktop computer). This material for your BBC Regulars member page should be a general summary of you and your work — with the included link to your business/homepage website(s) where others can then find fuller and more detailed information about you.

Thank you and have a nice e-day,

Dave “KaveDragen Ink” Kragen (email: Dave Kragen)


PS. Below are some fun candid photos of the BBC at our old homestead, now closed, the Blue Ocean Cafe, in January 2010. Images by Steve Giovanis.