Gregg Dawson Tells His Story…

Friday, October 2, 2009, Gregg Dawson will tell his story to the BBC.

gregdawsonGregg is a Northwest native with a curiosity and passion that motivates him to continually improve customer value and stewardship of funds, but did you know he makes his own wine? Yup, simply good grapes fermenting as done throughout the centuries.

In his pursuit to help his clients gain financial freedom Gregg brings an in-depth understanding of how economic analysis, consumer behavior, and financial management play into building achievable financial futures.  Now, as a financial advisor for Waddell and Reed, he is helping business owners and individuals directly by educating them and their families in making intentional decisions about their financial lives.  “Good financial counsel,” says Gregg, “begins with sharing stories, thinking together, and above all else, listening.”  Come hear Gregg tell his story!

Bill Ruddick – Ruddick Consulting Talks about Reality Checks

Business Rescue

Friday, September 25th…   Bill Ruddick of Ruddick Consulting has been conducting Reality Checks and assisting businesses for 20 years. The basics of the Reality Check began when Bill was asked to manage five divisions of a major forest products company with division sales ranging from $12 to $200 million. The program identified key areas that provided focus for the turnarounds and regained profit and value.    Huh?    OK  A guy like this MUST have a great story to tell.   Don’t miss this Friday morning for your cup of BBC!

Ann Whitmore – Personal Coach – Tells Her Story

Ann Ann Whitmore, a lawyer by trade, has a health coaching business called Power Losers ( ). The site has personal stories from clients including before and after pictures.  Her program focuses on behavior modification — training your body to break the 3 big meal plan and replace it with healthier (5 to 6) meals through out the day. Ann is also a coach with Accomplishment Coaching ( ). Ann will tell us how she went from corporate attorney, then elementary school principle, and we all want to know about the Italy connection. Ann will be speaking on Friday, August 28, 2009. Don’t miss out!

Walker Willingham Tells His Story…

walker-thWalker Willingham explains how he was geographically predestined to arrive in the Puget Sound area, leaving his Southern Baptist roots in Atlanta, for a more intentionally chosen world view.  With strong interests in science, words, politics, theology, and artistic expression, Walker has returned to the where of things in seeking an entrepreneurial career in Geographic Information Systems.  It’s nothing new, really. Walker has always been a “Where Guy.”

See Walker’s Web Site at

Margreet Pettersen Talks Travel…

Margreet PettersenFriday, August 7, 2009 —  Margreet Pettersen – Bainbridge Island Travel –  tells how a girl born and raised in the Netherlands ends up being a travel agent on Bainbridge Island. During her 20 years of travel industry experience she has racked up many frequent flyer miles traveling all over the world to places like Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Europe, Mexico, Hawaii and – well to many to list.  Her favorite destination however (now imagine this) is Holland, where she makes a point of visiting nearly every year. Come here her story!

Barb Hartley – From Teacher to Entrepreneur!

Barb HartleyFriday, July 31, 2009 — Manager, Teacher and Coach for Send Out Cards Barb Hartley tells her story to the BBC!

Barb has been helping businesses improve their bottom line through improved Relationship Marketing and Customer Appreciation.  Barb Hartley has skills with Graphic and Web design but did you know she taught school in Shoreline for 30 years? Come hear how this  teacher became an entrepreneur!

Dr. Julie Rosenblatt Guest Speaker July 24th!

Julie RosenblattDr. Julie Rosenblatt has the healing hands of a Chiropractor and the heart of a true entrepreneur ! She had a chiropractic practice for 19 years and decided to give it all up to start Healing Waters, LLC which is water therapy (my own son has enjoyed her talents) and recently she has become a Xango business owner. Now this has got to have a great story behind it.

We will also be viewing another iLearning Video so don’t miss out!

Diana Torres — Friday July 17th.

Diana TorresDiana Torres has been  an active  participant in the Bainbridge Island Business Connection since the very beginning. Not many members can resist her infectious smile and funny sense of humor.  Diana has been growing her  Market America business –  recently adding a brand new Word Press blog to her marketing arcenal.

In her blog she will be advising her audience about Market America as well as sharing some in-sites on how they can improve their health, well being and get some GREAT DEALS. She will also share some of her experiences and life lessons that she has acquired along her life’s journey.  Don’t miss out on Diana’s story this Friday!

Kathryn LaFond Tells Her Story…

Kathryn LaFondKathryn Lafond / Nature’s Lessons

Kathryn’s mission is to inspire belief in one’s ability to heal; to re-build trust in the innate wisdom of the body; to expose root causes of illness; and to support those who are willing to take responsibility for their personal journey.

Kathryn will talk about her personal journey.

Kathryn just became President of the Bainbridge Island Toastmasters.

Alyse McConnell Leads Discussion on GOALS!

Alyse McConnell

Alyse McConnell

Bring your personal business goals for the year as Alyse McConnell will be leading us on reviewing where we are with our business goals, if we are on track — and if not, how to get back on track.

We will be breaking up into small groups to help each other move forward based
on her guidance. It should be very beneficial to everyone attending!!!