Friday The 13th BBC Free-for-all

Greetings, BBCites,

This is Dave “plagueman” Kragen here, speaking to you from the third moon of Jupiter (Ganymede, in case you forgot where we all got our start–remember?–the Blue Moon Cafe).

First we’re going to talk about last Friday’s meeting, so Tim tells me…is there another Tim around here or is that THE Tim…right…the Tim. I wasn’t there last Friday, so it will be all NEW and FUN for me. : ]

Then we’re going to reminisce about all the great past BBC meetings we remember (or wish had happened). Everyone will get a chance to tell a story about one of their favorite BBC moments. Except for Tim, ’cause he ain’t going to be here tomorrow, ’cause he’s gotta work or something, like a real business person. Wow. Cool.

Anything else? No. Ok. See ya’ll there and don’t forget:

1. Bring your own coffee/breakfast-drink/booze and

2. your own food-type-stuff if you are so inclined.

Tim “talking-head” Longley, [email protected]
Dave “caffeine-brain editor-head” Kragen, [email protected]
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