Howard Block – Bay Hay & Feed

Howard Block, Ce-Ann, and Friends
Bay Hay & Feed is a remarkable landmark business which some years ago brought life to a 96-year-old building in the center of the Rolling Bay neighborhood. What started for two innovative islanders as a Sunday drive is now a large nursery and general store. It is also a fine example of what hard work, caring for your neighbors and community, and making connections with customers will get you.

In the journey to what has become Bay Hay & Feed — so goes local legend —
Howard Block, a native of Long Island, NY, and Ce-Ann, a local Bainbridge Islander, purchased the property essentially on a whim and a prayer. One day Howard and Ce-Ann just decided to find a new place to live and, well, the rest is history. The concept of a retail store setting was not a new concept to them; they had already owned a successful natural foods store in Durham, New Hampshire, where they both went to college.Bay Hay & FeedThe sale of that business paved the way to their new island adventure.

This Friday, October 29th, Howard Block will be speaking to the BBC (Bainbridge Business Connection) at our new meeting location, Local Harvest Restaurant. Coincidence? I think not. Come hear how Howard and Ce-Ann went from New England college students in the 1960’s to successful Northwest business owners.

Don’t miss your morning cup of BBC!

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