Linna Callaham Talks about “Netiquette” Nov 9th!

Netiquette: keeping your e-space communication courteous and clear.

Now that you all have become great networkers, and a sales force for yourself and your colleagues, it’s time to get back to the basics.  “Between the Ears” training as Dave Beck likes to call it.

The BBC (Bainbridge Business Connection) is proud to present a speaker’s series of “Doing Business Better” during our Friday – 8:00 to 8:30 AM time slot.  See the BBC Web Site for the lineup of future guest speakers.

linnaOur first speaker will be Linna Callaham, insurance agent extraordinaire(American National), who WILL NOT be discussing insurance!  What???  Instead, she will be teaching a short class “Netiquette: keeping your e-space communication courteous, clear and concise.”

In another life (of which she has many), Linna taught this same class at Eastern Washington University and has distilled the information down to the essential “ 7 C’s of E-space communication.”

Linna says, “What you will take away from this “down & dirty communication gathering is a handy, ready-to-use worksheet,  books that have effective phrases already written for you, and a list of action verbs. ”  She goes on to say “… be ready to “rock-n-roll,”  “jump n’ jive,” and be able to stroll away from this half-hour session with useful, practical, and applicable knowledge.”

This should be a fun half hour. Don’t miss out!

Tim Longley
BBC Chair