Stop Reacting & Get Back to Creating!

David EmeraldThis week’s Friday Morning with the BBC will feature speaker David Emerald, Author of “The Power of TED. ” David is also the Co-founder (with his wife Donna Zajonc) of the Bainbridge Leadership Center. David’s Topic will be “Stop Reacting & Get Back to Creating!”

“As entrepreneurs and small business owners, we often begin ventures with vision and passion.  However, as we begin creating, the challenges we face can weigh us down and force us into a Problem-focused and reactive orientation.  By understanding the differences between a Problem Orientation and an Outcome Orientation, we gain the awareness necessary to break the cycle of reacting and get back to the creating. “Book - The Power of TED

The presentation is based on David’s ff’s book, The Power of TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic).

Don’t miss this interesting topic – and we plan to keep it on schedule for those of you with commitments after 8:30 AM.

Also, remember to bring those surveys or email them to Dave or myself.  If for some reason you didn’t receive your survey by email, contact Dave or Tim to have a copy sent to you. Thanks.

Tim Longley
BBC Chair

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