Writting can be fun? KD Kragen Tells Us How!

dave150sqWriting can be fun? What? Sounds like work to me.  But Dave Kragen of KaveDragen Ink LLC , being a published author and business writer,  must know something. He puts out a good deal of the printed word and he seems to like it.

And why in the heck would anyone want to read what I have to say anyway? What should I write about? Who is my audience? What’s in it for me? Tough questions but the fact is that the best marketing for your business is your ability to communicate it to your customers in a functional and creative way.

So, come on down to the Blue Ocean Cafe Friday, December 4, 2009, to hear what our staff writer Dave has to say. We will also have time for a lively discussion about a business problem!

Don’t miss out – see you at 8:00 AM for that first cup of BBC!