Dan Weedin – Speaking With Confidence!


Dan Weedin

Whether it’s a sales presentation, employee meeting, fundraiser, or talking to your kids, your ability to effectively communicate will determine how often you win or lose those situations.

This Friday, you will walk away with three specific strategies to improve your confidence, enhance your skills, and take your presentations to a more dynamic level.

Dan Weedin is an award-winning speaker and presentation trainer.  He trains business professionals on how to become more dynamic and influential presenters.  He understands that your audience, regardless of the size, can be very skeptical, so you have to promote your message with power and enthusiasm.

This Friday, November 13, 2009 my friend and colleague Dan Weedin will take center stage at the BBC Breakfast meeting. Dan has helped so many businesses get on track with not only their insurance needs but speaking and life skills as well.

Dan puts on an energetic 45 Minute presentation that engages and challenges you to become more effective business owners. This is a “must attend” event.    Don’t miss this “Special” cup of BBC!

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