Goals Seem Much More Achievable When…

2010What a terrific first year for the BBC 2009 was. The Bainbridge Business Connection went in directions that I never dreamed of – largely due to the good people that participate. It has become a habit for me as well as I am sure a good number of our regular participants. But what does the New Year hold for us? What kinds of programs and activities will we venture into? Who will come and share their wealth of business savvy with us so we can enjoy meeting our own expectations for 2010?

I bet by now you have deduced that I am heading in some direction – and you would be correct! Goals for 2010, only I am talking about your businesses / personal goals. How do we identify them? What is in scope – and out of scope? What is realistic – or unrealistic?

Who do we ask for advice? Certainly not the World Wide Web; “Get Rich in Thirty Days selling [dumps]” – Yeah, that’s gonna happen. “Lose 30 pounds in 7 days!”  Nope!get-rich-quick-schemes

During our hard times – businesses that suffer the most are the ones that live by the services they provide, or by the margins and volume of their hard earned sales. When we find ourselves in these jams – the get rich schemes always sound so much more realistic – but their not. The age old rule to avoid money quick scams is “if it seems too good to be real – believe in your instincts, it isn’t.”

Now… this leads me to what we are planning to open up the BBC’s 2010’s meeting series this Friday, January 8, 2010.  Ponder this: there are only 3 ways to ensure business success (life success for that matter).

  1. Have good Plan
  2. Set Goals
  3. Work Hard

What?  That’s right! The best and most expedient path to financial freedom is having a good plan, goals that are achievable and – hard work (ugh – 2 out of three isn’t bad).

So – this Friday, we will assume you have a good plan – or you wouldn’t be coming to our Friday morning meetings. And of course you work hard because you love what you planned to do right? That leaves often the toughest part of being an entrepreneur: Setting Goals.

Rather then try to tell you what your goals are, or listen to someone that already makes six figures – we are going to get into our now famous small groups and come up with some terrific ideas – together. Goals seem much more achievable when you can sound them off your business colleagues – especially the ones that you have built relationships with over the past year.

Bring your ideas and a new friend, and get ready for another fun (and usually rowdy) session. Don’t miss your morning cup of BBC!

Tim Longley
BBC Chair

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