Loral Ann Jorza from “Anything Else?” June 12, 2009!

Time Melting AwayLoral Ann Jorza’s business name is “Anything Else?” which is a much needed service for folks that don’t have time to sit and have a cup of coffee anymore (hmm…yours truly should consider her services) .

What services you ask? Adult home care is a particular passion of hers. Imagine your senior having a companion around the house that cooks and cleans and keeps them company instead of being home alone? This is a true gift of love.

Loral Ann also assists with moving seniors from their homes into assisted living condo’s or apartments that get them back into the mainstream again. Loral Ann will also cater to your pets, water your garden, and even take care of your kids when you need it.

Loral Ann Jorza was the last owner of Island Ice Cream & Coffee on Bainbridge  Island – something I and 5,000 commuters wish would come back! Come here her story today!