No BBC On 1 August 2014 – Take A Holiday! Lie In The Sun! Go Running! Sleep.

BBC Friday 1 August 2014 – Canceled for Mid-summer Vacation (or whatever).

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NEXT BBC Friday Will Be On 8 August – closing the big annual Coworking Week celebrations at OfficeXpats. For more info about coworking week see:

Friday August 8th we will do our 2nd Annual BBC Pancake Breakfast (including, for old times sake, waffles – and who knows what else, SPAM maybe).  (Note: the only time spam is allowed at OXp is when it comes in a can!) So come and join in, and if you’d like to contribute a breakfast item – regular or gluten-free! – please let Dave Kragen know at [email protected].

HANDOUT From our  25 July Friday BBC: On July 25th we picked up the discussion from the previous week’s roundtable, Closing The Deal, Getting Paid, with Asking Good Questions or Question-based Selling. It was a lively time! Bill Ruddick put together a page of notes on “Clossed Questions” vs. “Open Questions”: BBC_25July2014_AskingQuestions.pdf . (Original meeting notes: BBC_25July2014_handout.pdf .)

See you all next time on August 8th for our annual BBC Pancake Breakfast!

The BBC Management, KaveDragen Ink, & Other Entrepreneurial Sentients From Planet BBC


More BBC Regulars Really Exciting Upcoming Events!

INTERNATIONAL COWORKING WEEK, August 4th-8th – OfficeXpats Coworking Week Celebration! Some of the exciting exciting events to watch for: Free coworking ALL WEEK; Monday Morning Check-in (9:30-10:00); FREE business skills workshop (Tuesday Noon-1:00); FREE “Super Happy Hour” (Thursday 4:30 PM) and trends talk TBD, drinks and snacks provided; Coworking Week Cookout on our deck (Thursday 6:00 PM) – burgers and sausages (including non-meat) – bring a side dish or dessert to share, or make a $5 donation; and finally, BBC is doing its now annual FREE Pancake (maybe waffles too) Breakfast!

REMINDER for BBC Regular Members: Open/Public BBC Regulars Business Info & Contact List for single page referral sheet and BBC website Members List. As BBC Regular Members, you can have your business and contact info available for the BBC community and on the BBC website. Follow link (form courtesy of Annette Walker) and fill out BBC Regulars Member List contact info:  BBC on Facebook: Alice David has kindly set up a BBC Facebook destination. Take a look: – friend, post, share, bake, blog, barbecue.

New B.I. RIDE Mid-day Bus Service! A combination of scheduled stops and Dial-A-Ride fills runs during weekday non-commuter times and on Saturdays. For more info:

BBC Regular Lee Hoffman is working with a group to develop the Maritime Heritage Center in Bremerton and restore the classic tub boat “Quail” –visit the website:

Maritine Heritage Center is utilizing “” – Quail photos/video at


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