BBC Friday 28 February 2020 – A BBC Club Meeting Special

Join us this BBC Friday for a special “BBC Club Meeting.” (There’s a BBC Club?) For over a decade BBC has had two basic community goals: 1. helping one another with business-related support, ideas sharing, and being “your board of directors” resource; 2. being a forum for business related speakers, presenters, workshops, and useful content sharing (e.g. the perennial topic of “business continuity planning”).
Therefore, this Friday — strategies for suggesting and referring speakers and presenters. The idea is this: How might we encourage all BBC Regulars (members) to find, suggest, recommend possible speakers and presenters for BBC Fridays. 
BBC site related info:  1. “About” page:
2. Tips for presenters: BBC_SpeakerPresenter_Tips (pdf doc)
Be here, be free, be businesswise. For, in a sense, me hearties, as serial entrepreneurials, we all be business wise!  Arr…….


“Helping Bainbridge Homeless Teens!” Ending teen homelessness on Bainbridge Island. SHB on Facebook:  Steve Rabago shared some ideas, and how one can get involved: “Get Involved” button on Shelter Now homepage ( to consider how you might support this wonderful community work. Email: [email protected]
  • Nearly 1% of all students at Bainbridge High School are homeless.
  • Many more are at risk due to unsafe and unhealthy conditions at home.
  • Currently, there are several homeless students seeking safe housing.


So Invite your friends and associates to come join us for this exciting non-virtual non-cloud event in real time and real space…and another delicious cup of BBC!

BBC@OfficeXpats – 403 Madison Ave N, Bainbridge Is, Upstairs at the Pavilion 7:30-8:00 – coffee/tea, visiting, informal networking  
8:00-8:55 – BBC Club Meeting
8:55-9:00 – announcements, visiting

Sincerely, BBC Management, KaveDragen Ink, & other entrepreneurial sentients at planet BBC.


Both-Sides-Of-The-Bridge BBC News, Notices, Events

27 February 2020, Chamber After Hours, at Coates Design Architects (, upstairs in the San Juan Building, 900 Winslow Way E. Networking, treats and drinks, and an inside peek at their design for the Eagle Harbor Renovation Project. Info:
4 March 2020, 5:24-8:03 PM, Silverdale GreenDrinks: Kitsap Golf & Country Club, 3885 NW Golf Club Hill Rd, Bremerton. March is all about Community. More info:
29 February 2020, Saturday, 5:00-9:00 PM. Chamber Island Honors – Excellence in Business and Community. Who’ll win the 2019 Awards? A gala evening with wine reception, dinner and award ceremony. Come & support your favorite businesses/organizations! Hosted at the Wing Point Golf And Country Club. More info and registration:
BBC Regular, friend, and artist Sylvia Carlton ( invites you to visit the “Winslow Art Center” (, 278 Winslow Way E, Ste. 205. Since 2011 the WAC is an inspiring and intimate space for artists on Bainbridge, offering an expanding selection of instruction for artists of all ages. Martha Jordan, Director. Flyer (pdf)
In case you missed Simon Sinek on “Cell Phones And Relationships”:  /
Creating Community Resilience. “Map Your Neighborhood”: Bainbridge Prepares: Scott James’ guidebook, “Prepared Neighborhoods”
    BBC Business Community Related Links
Chamber Of Commerce &
Accelerate Kitsap, Business Support Network
Bainbridge Artisan Resource Network (BARN)
Bainbridge Island Downtown Association
Bainbridge Island Library (KRL)
Bainbridge Island Museum Of Art
Bainbridge Island Senior Center
Compass & Clock Senior Resources
Cook Family Funeral Home
Bainbridge Island Lodging Association
Farmers & Gardeners Guild
Helpline House
Olympic College Foundation
Rolling Bay Hall – Performance Art Venue
SCORE Kitsap
Toastmasters – Noon Edition
Toastmasters – Evening Edition
Tour Bainbridge
Tulaa Cafe At Dayaalu Center &
The Marshall Suites Concierge Service
    ISLAND Emergency Preparedness & First Responder Links
Bainbridge Prepares Emergency Management
Kitsap County Emergency Management
City of Bainbridge Island (COBI)
Bainbridge Island Fire Department
Bainbridge Island Police Department
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